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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Performance Art?

Oh, Monday night I did my first performance at the Vitamin S thing at the Wine Cellar in St Kevins arcade in K Road. Vitamin S is an experimental music thing where unrehearsed groups are put together to improvise music, on the spot, and though I've been on the list for years, I finally got around to making some stuff I could use in the context of the ideal. The photo is of a bunch of analog synthesizers and an effect "pedal" or two which, when knobs are twiddled, make all sorts of unruly and barely controllable sounds. On the night I played with a drummer and a pianist and after our set we we're asked, to much applause, to do some more!

Interesting thing was that just before we were to start I had my reasonably sharp pocket knife out and was talking to the organiser while using the knife to pry the back off a piezo microphone. While talking the knife slipped and dug about 5-7mm into my left index finger tip. The guy then proceeded to introduce the performance while I walked off to the kitchen to get some band aids (pun not intentional), though I could tell a stitch or two were most probably required. I got my band aids then returned as the introduction was fading and got into making music. While I was playing I noticed a coupla drops of blood on the instruments and thought to myself, as I picked them up with my good index finger, on the other hand, and licked them, that this particular artistic enterprise is going to go well for me because I have, without thought, blooded my first performance. Oh, I've actually blooded "meat and lollies" as well. I cut myself on the packing crate plywood I'm going to use to build my submarine!

Vitamin S is every Monday night at the Wine Cellar at 8.30pm and is a gold coin entry. The proceeds are distriuted equally amongst the performers.This week I'm building a drum machine and a couple of amplified stringed instruments which will hopefully be up and running by next Monday.

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Dr J said...

Wow, Sean, why didnt you announce your performance earlier? wouldve tried to come along. "Band aids" and "blooded" puns were funny - hope the fingers are getting better (no stone carving for a bit eh) I went to the wine cellar on Friday last week to see the Lippizanas play and they were great! Let us know next time :)