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Monday, September 8, 2008

8.52am tuesday the 9th

Up at five which seems to be normal now and did some work on some more ampy stuff.

So heres some of the toyish stuff I got on my recent organic forays. I find the toys and take them home and take the guts out then when I go back out I return that which I don't want. I disgard.
All of these modern toys run on pulsed DC which is great if you want to hit each individual set of contacts with a carbon button but I want more than that! (who would have guessed)I want to sequence them up and though I haven't tried it yet I have it on good authority that 4066's will do the job. The thing is you want a transistor type switch where the applied DC voltage to the base doesn't affect the CE junction. 4066 are cmos so they have a mosfet in them and fets, field effect transistors are voltage devices and have "a field effect" so the applied voltage on the gate (base)works the drain (collector) source (emitter) junction by its electrical field as opposed to a transistors actual physical contact. Anyways what all that means is that I can set a timer working a counter that then uses the switch blocks to turn the kiddy toys on. And the good thing about the kiddy toy digital samples they hold is that once started they keep going till they finish which means several different samples from different toys can all be going simultaneously. I wonder if I might install such a device in my submarine to denote the clamouring of possibility offered by consumerist society to the native society on the brink, or well past it as the case may be, of jumping into the melee. Interesting aside being that most of the broken toys came from Island neighbourhoods in Wiri.

I also picked up this Elka organ on my travels and have an idea theres nothing a bit of patience won't fix. Usually the power supplies go and not much else. Don't think it'll take me too long to figure it out.

Beautiful bit of kit these things. Most Italian stuff tends to be well thought out and easy to work on... if you have the proper tools. Kinda rough round the edges but such detail where it matters. Good ol' Eyeties eh!

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