New work by Antonio Filipo, Leilani Kake, Sean Kerrigan, Mele Penitani, Genevieve Pini and Siliga David Setoga at Fresh Gallery Otara | November 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

On to it?

I'm actually resolving alot of what the submarine is going to be about even though I haven't, and won't for another week or two, actually started the thing. On my travels around the hubris of the great unwashed ( that statement includes all ethnicities, including european, if you sub - consciously took a fence... built a fence!) I also picked up some old car manuals which have some great illustrations in them. I've got other old household and engineering manuals as well so I'm thinking I'll get a bunch blown up and copied and use them as the wall paper in my ship to denote the benefits early travellers to NZ would have encountered. Back in the 50's, 60's and even into the 70's there was an attitude that was about conserving something. What it actually was I'm not sure but it seems to have been about Homeland dreams. I won't go into it here but combined, as a background, with some of Genevieves photo in colour copy and the blaring toys I think it'll all go a long way in saying, or erstwhile completely confusing, the viewers of my ship of conceptualisation.

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Janet LIlo said...

Been loving the images & writings about what youve been up to sean - Indeed a busy man.